Safe and Secure

Our primary concern is that our children are safe, because we know, as parents ourselves, that it is also your primary concern. You will notice that we take extreme caution to make sure the children you have entrusted to us are safe and accounted for at all times.

To ensure this, we have a keypad installed at the front door, allowing access only if you have an access code that was assigned to you upon enrollment. This prevents unauthorized persons from entering the building.

In addition, while the state regulations require us to have one person on staff at all times that is certified in CPR, it is our policy that all members of our staff are currently certified in CPR, both infant and child. Despite the substantial cost to do so, we felt it necessary to know that we are, at all times, able to administer CPR in the unlikely event that it is needed.

In addition, our outdoor play area is completely fenced in and instead of flooring it with mulch, it is floored with pieces of rubber that provide a soft landing for those unsteady walkers!

We have many precautions instituted to ensure your child’s safety, but these are the most important to us. We hope they give you peace of mind that your child is safe and secure, in addition to the loving care our teachers provide.